It’s 2016 and at the top of the hype cycle are Machine Learning, Statistical Computing, Data Visualization, Deep Learning.

If you are a Machine Learning noob you might be wondering where to start.

  • There is Anaconda Python with all its packages ‘for science, math, engineering, and data analysis’
  • Then we have R with its ‘suite of software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display’
  • Torch ‘a scientific computing framework with wide support for machine learning algorithms’
  • Google with its ‘open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs’ called TensorFlow
  • Not far behind Microsoft with its ‘Computational Network Toolkit’
  • Theano ….

With all these nice to have open source toolkits, you will spend a lot of your time trying to figure how to install them.

Instead of trying to figure out installation steps for, say SciKit, R or TensorFlow; you can spin up a development environment using :

docker run -it vijayshinva/machinelearningultimate

MachineLearningUltimate is a docker image with a bunch of popular machine learning toolkits preinstalled. You can quickly spin up an instance of this docker image on Linux or Windows (using Docker ToolBox)

The goal of MachineLearningUlitmate is to have all popular machine learning / statistical computing toolkits ready for use. One image to rule them all !

Check out the Github Repository for more info. You can also contribute to the project by filing bugs/feature requests. If you have questions, do leave a comment below.